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liraóan aluminum coin and monetary unit of Italy, equal to 100 centesimi and equivalent to about .0016 of a U. S. dollar.

Right before the count enters the saloon, Lucas is drinking a beer. In the wide shot the stein handle is in his right hand. When the camera cuts to just him, itís in his left hand. Thanks Ann Marie!

In The Brother in Law / Duel of Honor we can hear Camp Town Races. Thanks markisddg & Western Gal!

As Lucas wakes Freddy up, and Freddy gets up, and Lucas brings Mark to the bed, a very blurry boom mike shadow moves from the top right corner left, towards the center. Then it stops, then moves a little more to the left until it is in the center. Then as Lucas carries Mark, it moves left to right and back into the top right corner.

I lightened this photo, and you may have to turn up the brightness on your TV set or monitor to see this.
Thanks Ann Marie!

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