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 Mr. Cole / Cope   ―   Mr. Cole / Colb

Do the subtitles say that the stagecoach driver's name is named Mr. Cole? When Mark tries to get his attention in the first scene, you can read Johnny Crawford's lips and he is saying Mr. Cope. It goes along with what the Count says in the duel scene--Cesare Danova pronounces it Mr. Colb. Thanks Pete Villafea!

I always search the credits on IMDB and TV.COM to see what they say.  And this is what I came up with, plus I try and listen to their names, especially if no credit given.

Cole, stagecoach driver IMDB Stage Driver, Cole TV.COM
Thanks Pete Villafea!

How many actors played Nils or was it Niles or Nels? There is actually another version--in the very first scene, stage driver Glenn Strange calls him Nile (three times). Later, Lucas calls him Niles.
There's a strange thing about the scene where Lucas & Mark visit Niles as he fixes the stagecoach: when Lucas asks Niles, "How's that wheel comin', Niles?" --it is not Chuck Connors' voice. Compare it with Lucas' next lines, and you can tell that the first line was dubbed in by someone else. Cowgirl!

Nile 3 timesLucas calls him Niles

Groder calls Sweeney "Frank" in the bar scene. That may be Sweeney's first name - but I never heard it before. In 'Seven' May calls him "Bill". Cowgirl!

Glenn Strange --the ever-present stagecoach driver-- this time he's a clean-shaven "Mr. Cole"... goes to the blacksmith "Nils" and says: he has "a bent tire and broke several spokes on the left rear wheel". Interesting since tires weren't invented until 1887! Cowgirl!

Boneyard: I just saw something that Cowgirl said about tires in episode 7. A man named Dunlop patented tires in about 1888 however Goodyear and Thomson had a similar patent in 1844 and contested it in about 1892. But these were pneumatic tires. Tires have been around almost as long a the wheel. The metal ring around the wheel is the tire, it is used to "tie" the wood together. Hence the word tire, meaning tie-er. The early tires were made of rope, leather and other things. So.... Nils was correct in saying the tire was bent in the 'Duel of Honor', episode 7. Thanks Boneyard, now that makes more sense!

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