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Eight Hours to Die episode #6 - 1 of 14 pages

In the scene where Mark and the Judge are riding together, and the Judge's horse stumbles - there is nothing but trees in the background. Mark dismounts, goes to the fallen judge, they talk for a moment - then you get a background shot showing the slope with the first season's stone wall in the background. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Eight Hours to Die stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who was Ephraim, the son of Judge Zephaniah Burton, the man who was hung in the beginning of Eight Hours to Die?
Who is riding for the Judge when he stumbles. Both the horse and the judge fell.
Who doubled for Chuck Connors in his long distance ride to get to Mark & the judge.

Did you notice that in the general store scene Mark is wearing his own Lucas-style shirt, the kind with frogs instead of buttons? Mark looks like a little version of his 'Pa.' Mark wears a bow tie along with it, which I don't think Lucas ever does. I wonder who thought up that shirt for Lucas--I've never seen frogs on men's shirts, except on Chinese shirts. Thanks Pete Villafea.!

Ann Marie's observation about Lucas' corduroy shirt string

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Chit Chat on bloopers and things worth mentioning!

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