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Paul Fix was not credited for playing Micah in this episode. Also, could we possibly assume that Willard or Henry was Hattie's husband or brother since Micah called him by the last name of Denton? Thanks Lou!

When Micah was approaching the McCain Ranch Lucas grabbed his Rifle and cocked it, but it did not fire. Usually throughout the show this cocking action ejected a spent cartridge from breech on the pull stroke and shoved a new cartridge into the breech and activated the trigger (with the special screw) on the return push stroke, which fired the rifle. Thanks Louis!

There were three episodes where they reused the footage from Eight Hours To Die the part where Lucas rides down the shady lane to find Mark and Judge Burton. First, we see it in . The Pet, after Haskins made himself at home in the McCain's house. They also used it in two episodes from Season 5. In Conflict, watch after Lucas is still disturbed about missing the cougar; he tells Mark hes going into town to see the gunsmith. Also, in Which Way'd They Go? when Lucas is riding off to buy cattle. Thanks Ann Marie!

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