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Eight Hours to Die episode #6 - 2 of 14 pages

I have found the blooper that, in my opinion, takes the cake!!
When the judge gets his letter, he looks at the newspaper clipping "Hangman Shot at the Foot of the Scaffold". If you freeze frame it on DVR, you can read the actual article - it appears to be about a City Planning Board approving some sort of plat for a subdivision called Rincon(?) Terrace. There was some controversy about an 8,000 square feet item (not clear from the legible portion what this item was) which was smaller than the city had previously approved. It looks like they took a 1958 newspaper clipping, added a bogus headline, and used it. The later newspaper clipping, which Micah gives to Lucas, is blurry. It seems to say something about a "report is being prepared(?)" in one sentence. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Sometime after the judge gags Lucas, the gag looks the same way the judge put it on Lucas, with the pointy part on his chin and covering his mouth and the other times it doesn't have the pointy part on his chin and it's in his mouth, not over it. Thanks Holly!

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