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Eight Hours to Die episode #6 - 4 of 14 pages

Is it me or do those boots Mark is trying on have awful short tops? They don't look like cowboy boots even, more like half boots. Thanks Rhiannon!

I noticed the 'short' boots also. The only other time I noticed 'short' boots was Donnell, the kid from the Bowery in NY. Forgot the episode name. Boots like that wouldn't be much use out west with snakes especially.... Thanks velewis!

While Mark is trying on the boots, you can see the wallet in his left rear pocket. Thank Ann Marie!

Right before the judge pistol whips Lucas over the head, Lucas grabs his rifle’s barrel—with his left hand. He’s standing to our left of the rifle and anvil. In the wide shot a second later, Lucas is to our right of the rifle and anvil. He falls to our right, away from—never in front of the anvil and rifle. He should have been in the same place for both shots. He would have fallen in front of the rifle if he’d been in the same place—on our left. It looks like the anvil isn’t in the same position between the close up and wide shots, either. Thanks Ann Marie!

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