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Eight Hours to Die episode #6 - 7 of 14 pages

In The Wyoming Story, Micah tells Lucas that he would be a good one to go to Wyoming on an undercover job because he had never been there. In Eight Hours to Die they lived in Claypool, Wyoming. We know this from looking at the post office door when the judge goes and gets the letter. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Was it coincidental that the hot coals Lucas kicked over were placed in just the right spot so when he rolled the wagon wheel, the coal exactly met the rope binding his right hand? When he first kicked the hot coals over, it didn't seem like the hot coals would meet up with the rope tie. Thanks Laurie!

Lucas knocks the forge over--that is in front of him--to burn the rope? When he starts turning the wagon wheel, you can see the forge is positioned like it has fallen from the OPPOSITE direction! Like the forge was behind him and fell towards him!! Lucas would have had to get on his knees to brace himself, then stick out one leg out at an angle and knock it over. Instead of how we saw him knock it over--stretching his leg out in front of himself. Also, I think I figured out why they switched the position of the forge. Because you can't get a good shot of the coals burning the rope unless you move the cameras, equipment, some of the crew, etc. The pit of the forge would be blocking the wheel, rope, Chuck's hand, etc. So it's a lot easier to reposition that little forge and then continue shooting, keeping all the cameras and everything in the same place. Thanks Ann Marie!

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