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So who is Mr. Denton/Henry Denton? Early in this episode Lucas was in the General Store talking to storekeeper Hattie Denton when the Postmaster in the store called Lucas over to give him a letter. Lucas called the Postmaster Willard and repeated his name a second time. Also the IMDB named the character Willard and was played by Russell Collins and the credits following the show listed Collins' character as Mr. Denton. Thanks Louis!

But, dog gone it, later in the Episode Micah called the Postmaster Henry Denton twice. So I suppose we have another Blooper. Lucas and Micah calling the postmaster and probably assistant storekeeper, by different names. Thanks Louis!

When Micah was approaching the McCain Ranch Lucas grabbed his Rifle and cocked it, but it did not fire. Usually throughout the show this cocking action ejected a spent cartridge from breech on the pull stroke and shoved a new cartridge into the breech and activated the trigger (with the special screw) on the return push stroke, which fired the rifle. Thanks Louis!

 Hattie Denton was introduced to us in Eight Hours to Die episode #6, she was the owner of The General Store. Russell Collins also appeared in Eight Hours to Die episode #6 as ?? He is referred as Willard/Henry Denton/Mr. Denton. While in the General Store, Lucas called him Willard. When Micah goes out to the McCain Ranch to give Lucas his mail - he said that Henry Denton from the post office gave him the letter for Lucas. The credits at the end of the episode say Mr. Denton.

So does Charlie work for Hattie or was he suppose to be Mr. Denton/Henry Denton? So who is Mr. Denton/Henry Denton?  Was the writers going to give Hattie a husband or a brother?

Paul Fix was not credited for playing Micah in this episode. Also, could we  possibly assume that Willard or Henry was Hattie's husband or brother since Micah called his last name as Denton? Thanks Louis!

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