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End of a Young Gun episode #3 - 1 of 11 pages

When Will and his brother bring Mark back to the ranch, why wasn’t Mark riding Blue Boy back? We never saw Blue Boy even at the cliff…. but wouldn’t you think Mark should have rode Blue Boy that far out? Thanks wildwest!

The Rifleman - Bloopers - End of A Young Gun

This is so cute, I just had to add this!

The Rifleman - Bloopers - End of A Young Gun

In the scene where Lucas is talking with Michael Landon, he gave him a new crutch, then he has the old crutch in the next scene, then the new one again!  Also, when Lucas was fixing the wagon, he spins the wheel one way, and after some talking, spins it the other!  Thanks Lone Star Mama's family!

The Rifleman - Bloopers - End of A Young Gun

Right before Lucas takes the wheel off the buckboard, he is incorrectly turning the nut to the right. This would tighten it. Then after he greases the axle and puts the wheel back on, he is first erroneously turning the nut to the left and then correctly to the right. 
Thanks Ann Marie!

You said Lucas was turning the nut on the axle of the wagon the wrong way. The nuts on the left side of a lot of vehicles  have "left hand threads". They do this so that the forward turning of the wheel will tend to tighten the nut rather than loosen it and then the wheel would eventually  fall off. They also do this on some modern day vehicles with the lug nuts. All most every semi truck today has left hand threads on the left side of the truck. Thanks Boneyard!

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