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End of a Young Gun episode #3 - 2 of 11 pages

Has anyone ever noticed the blunder in the scene between Michael Landon and Chuck Connors in the barn?

After Will gets his new crutch and Will asks, "Did you do this for me?"  Lucas says yes.  "Why?"

"I thought it would make it a little easier for you."

Then you see him sorta holding it upright and leaning on it a bit close up.  Pan out to full image of Chuck and Michael - the position of the crutch is different.  close up - crutch is in the same location as the previous close up shot.

The picture on the left will is holding the crutch.  The picture on the right the crutch is leaning against the bed.

Third picture, he's holding the crutch.Thanks Michelle!

After the scene in the barn Lucas, Mark & Will have supper together. While setting at the supper table, you can see Will has his old crutch. Even when he stands after supper you can still see the old crutch.
Look at the crutch & the ends of the crutch and compare it to the pictures in the barn.

When Will left the barn go into the house, did he grab the wrong crutch? Cowgirl!

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