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End of a Young Gun episode #3 - 3 of 11 pages

When Mark is on the cliff edge in many shots it looks like a stone cliff right in his face and higher than he is. In the shot when Will throws the rope down and climbs down to get himů Marks head is almost looking over the top and the area to the right is low and different now. Looks like Mark could almost climb up by himself. Maybe that is where Marks hat was (ha) cause he must have grabbed it going up. Thanks wildwest!

When Mark is hanging off the cliff, he doesn't have a hat on. When he gets to the top, to stand next to the outlaw, he's wearing his hat. Where did he pick it up? On the way up the side of the cliff?
Also, got a kick how little Mark ran up to Lucas and took his hand while he was explaining things when they showed up at the house. Precious! Thanks Mary!

After Will throws the rope down, if you watch Mark, it looks like he's standing perfectly fine.  He's not holding on very tight...You can tell he's standing on a platform or something. Thanks Michelle!

I couldn't get a good picture of this so I thought I'd show how comfortable Will seemed on the cliff. Cowgirl!

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