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End of a Young Gun episode #3 - 4 of 11 pages

Check out the back of Lucas' jeans—now mind, keep your mind out of the gutter! ; ) Look at the W stitches on the back pocket, plus the Wrangler patch is missing—Wranglers jeans were first made by Blue Bell, who acquired the brand when they took over Casey Jones in the mid 1940's. Cowgirl!

Other episode you can also see the 'W' for the Wrangler Jeans are:
Tail of Hate The Sidewinder Ordeal Outlaw's Inheritance

In 'End of a Young Gun' Michael Landon's character was named Will and in The Mind Reader his name was Billy, they were two totally different characters. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

At the end, Michael Landon's character, Will is saying goodbye to Lucas and Mark and then he turns his attention to Ann. Mark is looking up at Ann, then Lucas quickly turns Mark's head away.  It was so typical "fatherly" that I wonder, was it planned our did Chuck just do it as an adlib?  It almost looked like Mark didn't expect it. Thanks Bluewindfarm!

The scene at the end where Will is getting ready to leave for Martinsville to turn himself in.
The door is shut but there is a breeze and you can see the curtains moving.
You have to watch the episode to be able to see the curtains moving. Cowgirl!

After Mark tells Lucas the men saved him from falling off the cliff, Lucas introduces himself as “Luke McCain”. Duel of Honor is another rare example of Lucas referring to himself in this manner. Thanks Ann Marie!

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