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End of a Young Gun episode #3 - 8 of 11 pages

In the first scene of this episode, look at the blaze on Will’s horse (horse #1). It looks kind of small. Now look at the second picture from the second scene (horse #2). This is where Will and Hank have split from the other robbers. The blaze is closer to the horse’s right eye, and wider from the eyes all the way down to the muzzle. Also, look at the edge of the blaze—how it is shaped above this horse #2’s left eye. It’s almost a straight line. But the first time we see Will’s horse close up—when Will takes the rope off the horse—the blaze fans out and comes to a point above the horse’s left eye, like a diamond. So I think this is the same horse they used at the beginning—horse #1.

Here is a picture from The Marshal to further my point. There isn’t a closer shot of horse #1 looking straight ahead at us in End of a Young Gun. But horse #1 in End of a Young Gun is the same one that’s in this picture from The Marshal. Compare these two pictures of horse #1 against the scene of Will and Hank riding together. In the picture of Will and Hank, Will’s horse’s blaze is much wider (horse #2). Also, the head overall looks a lot wider, with its eyes set a little bit more forward. Horse #1’s head is narrower, with its eyes are set farther back just a bit, towards the sides of its head.

And neither of these are the blaze-faced sorrel that Lucas had in The Sharpshooter.
That’s a third horse!! Thanks Ann Marie!

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