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Reef Jackson shot Lucas in the back 10 years prior, happening when Margaret was still alive and Lucas still living back in the Nations (Enid). Reef is Granny Meade's nephew. She lived in Enid because she remembered the fight they had while digging a ditch when they were growing up. How is it that Granny Meade is now living in North Fork? Thanks Bluewindfarm!

If you look at the scene where Mark gets a chance to shoot the deer (Old Spike), Mark is standing behind a big tree trunk that is itself shaped like a deer! Check that scene out, it's a wonderful picture! Thanks Pete Villafea!

Mark took his rifle and went deer hunting. Lucas was out to kill Reef Jackson.
North Fork is in New Mexico, right? You were out west to the ranch. Did you ever see 40 and 50 foot pine trees in New Mexico? Mark is sitting among all these pine trees and looked out to see the deer less than a 100 feet away and not a pine tree in sight. Amazing what they got away with. Thanks Bob!

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