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End of the Hunt episode #162 - 4 of 5 pages

John Gilbert played the boy who came to tell Lucas that Granny Mede's kin was at her place. John is the son of Herschel Burke Gilbert.

The footage of Lucas riding in town originally appeared in Squeeze Play and is again seen in Conflict
End of the Hunt. Thanks Ann Marie!'

 Mark catches up to the deer and takes aim. Then they quickly cut to a shot of Lucas hitting the hotelís desk bell. When he turns around to walk out, we see that itís nighttime. It just seemed kind of odd and awkward to go from a bright daylight scene to it being pitch black outside. Also, I wasnít under the impression that Granny Meade lived THAT far from town. Like it would take Lucas hours and hours to ride back into town, only to have to turn around and ride right back into the late nightóafter the boy came to the hotel door. Thanks Ann Marie!

I am so use to seeing the hat rack in the McCain's house by the door as you see here in The Visitor.

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