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The Executioner episode #142

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I sure wish Johnny Crawford had learned how to properly pronounce "Arkansas". Thanks Renewed Fan!

The funny thing is that Mark says Arkansas right the first time. The second time he says ArKansas. Lucas gives him a questioning look so maybe it was on purpose... Thanks Michelle! 

I wonder if Sanchez's horse has a W on it for the brand. It sure looked like the horse in Outlaw's Shoes. The one George Vale stole from the 16 year old Weiden boy. Thanks Lou!

Lucas fired off about 20 or 30 shots in the gunfight with Russell Gannaway, Sanchez, and Brooks, without re-loading. I know that happens allot in westerns.
I did watch this episode and this is what I saw/heard..... 22 shots without reloading! Thanks Chip Heald!

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