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First Wages episode #112 - 2 of 5 pages

Lucas makes a running jump on his horse. Cowgirl!

First Wages and The Sidewinder: When Lucas gets on the horse from behind, that style is called a croup mount. The croup is just the part of the horse the rider clears to land in the saddle. There’s a nice diagram of a horse on Wikipedia: Rump (animal) Scroll down to “horses”.  Thanks Ann Marie!

Mark is supposed to take a horse to the Merar Ranch.  When he doesn't show up, Tom Merar brings his horse to town.  In The Score is Even, Lucas sends Mark to the Merar Ranch for help.  In The Debt. Lucas takes Mark to the Merar Ranch, but this guy's name is Abe.  In 'Ordeal', I think Lucas told Mark he would get to the Merar Ranch if he kept his eyes on the two peaks. I could be wrong about this one though.  It could have been a different name.  Anyway, how many Merar Ranches were there or were they all the same Merar Ranch? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

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