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First Wages episode #112 - 3 of 5

What a great find.....Ed Nelson played Ben Vargas in First Wages. His wanted poster that was delivered to Micah's office also showed up on The Big Valley Into the Widow's Web - In the sheriff's office they had Liberty show off her shooting skills, they had her aim at the bulletin board full of posters, the same poster of Ben Vargas was on this bulletin board. Did Ben Vargas escape? What is the amount Vargas is wanted for? Cowgirl!

Horse Auction Poster ― In The Blood Brothers and The Coward, plus several other episodes we see an Auction Poster usually outside of the Marshal's office, but not always. We all know that The Rifleman and The Big Valley was produced by LGL Productions. Here is a sample of this poster in The Rifleman and The Big Valley.

While Mark is working at the blacksmith's, Lucas confronts him about his working and why he needs the money. Mark is standing on a box to curry the horse, so he is the same height as Lucas, as he explains that he wants his own money, not family money.

You have to watch carefully at what happens next.  As Nils drives up, Mark goes to jump off the box and as the scene cuts away you see him actually falling off the box!! Thanks PJH!

Not exactly a 'blooper', but did you notice, towards the end of the episode, after Lucas starts fighting with Ben Vargas, Lucas runs towards Ben who is getting on a horse (the one he took from Mark)...
Lucas uses a boulder on the ground to help launch himself to knock Ben Vargas off the horse and to the ground, where they continue to fight...
Watch the horse, when its back end walks over the 'boulder' and the boulder moves! Thanks BluewindFarm!

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