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This is before Nils turned. Or Lucas moved.

When Nils turned, he just barely moved. Maybe a foot to our right. At the most. Lucas is the one who really moved—right to left in this angle. He probably stepped over 3 to 4 feet. Note where the door is—diagonally behind Lucas on the photo in the left. See how the support beam is just about in the middle of the photo on the right? Because Lucas really moved.

The problem is Lucas moved right to left at this angle too. It should be the opposite, left to right. Look again at the first photo. Lucas was already standing by the frame’s right edge. In this fourth photo, he should be standing even farther to the right, where I placed the “X”. Instead of looking in the direction of the green arrow, Nils should be turned at least 45 degrees, looking in the direction the blue arrow indicates. Also, in this last photo, we should see part of the front of the buckboard’s bench, and maybe part of the back of the horses, depending on how width of the shot. If the first and fourth photos were switched, the direction Lucas moved would have been correct. But then Nils wouldn’t be standing in the right place. Also, the buckboard should have stayed where it was between the first and fourth pictures, with the actors changing and the background slightly changing. Visually, there is no reason why the buckboard is about five feet over to the right in the second shot. Nils didn’t move the buckboard in the middle of the scene. If they had switched from a wide shot to a shot of Nils were from Lucas’ perspective, then yes, the buckboard should be on the other side of Nils. But there are no shots like that in this scene. So why did they do this? I have a couple of possibilities. At the correct angle, maybe the sun was too bright on Nils’ face, and it was going to white him out. Or the sun was going to blind one or both of them. And the crew couldn’t wait for the sun to move. Or, working quickly, maybe they didn’t realize the tightness of the shot. It is a great shot, but there’s no space for Lucas to move in the frame in the correct direction. So they thought they’d just put him on the other side of the frame. This is kind of the same deal as the forge flipping 180 degrees in 'Eight Hours To Die'. It’s easier (and quicker) to move a prop and an actor (this time too) than to move everything and reshoot the scene. Thanks Ann Marie!

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