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Flowers by the Door episode #92 - 2 of 3 pages

♫ It seems Lucas has a problem with the word….vegetable. In both episodes….he pronounces it vega-table. In Stopover it is when Mark is peeling vega-tables for dinner. In Flowers by the Door it is when Lucas refers to the seeds and says “kinda late to be putting in vega-tables”
It is like when Lucas says the word cooperative to Mr. Fremont in Three Legged Terror.   Lucas says  cooper-a-tive. Someone has that blooper. Wonder if these were on purpose or just the way Chuck says them?? Thanks wildwest!

What on earth did Chuck pick off the vine—and eat—as he and Cora walked towards her house?
Thanks Ann Marie!

Did anyone notice what Mark is setting on to churn butter? It's a saddle. Cowgirl!

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