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The Fourflusher episode #72

The footage of the race is from a different show. When you look at the banner hanging, you can tell.

It says "Quinto Annual Grass Rent Day Celebration" 
Anyone have any idea what that is from?
Thanks TVFan!

When Lucas discovered that Mark had gone into town, he rushed out of the house and left the front door open. I can't think of another episode when either Lucas or Mark left it open when they left.

Second, when Mark mounts Sapphire, the stirrups are already adjusted for him. Gabe Fenway is not a tall man, but he's still a lot taller than an 11 year old boy so the stirrups should have been too long for Mark.

As far as Mr. Preston goes, don't you just love how he acted like a spoiled 4 year old when his plan to cheat Gabe was foiled? I wonder if he learned the lesson about how winners never cheat and cheaters never win.
 Thanks flabirder!

Lucas took Gabe's horse back home with them. He was working him until Gabe got better.
Lucas rode Razor to town.  He should have brought razor back with him, how come he didn't? 

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