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A Lesson not learned: In The Young Englishman episode #13 - Lucas tells Jeremy Ashford everyone is welcome in America. But then in the next episode The Gaucho #14 - Mark ridicules recent Argentinean immigrant, Manolo.
Thanks Dana

Lucas told Micah that Manolo is out riding the range with Mark. When you see Lucas looking for them it does look like he is on the range. This is the road that leads to the McCain Ranch. Look familiar? I walked this rode where others have rode their horses many time to get to the McCain Ranch. It was so neat! Cowgirl!

The footage of Lucas riding up towards the camera when trying to bring Manolo into custody was also used at the beginning of The Shivaree. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas: “Now, about that rifle you want. It's gotta be a single shot. I don’t want you to buy any ammunition. When you get a little older and want to shoot it, you come to me.”
Mark: “Pa, I’ve been thinkin’. Well, maybe I better wait a while...'til I get older for the rifle. I’ll appreciate it more then.”
Lucas: “Anything you say, son.” ...
... and yet despite that promise from his pa that whenever Mark said he was ready he could have that rifle, all the beggin'-n-pleadin' in the world would do no good until that fifth & final season. Thanks Shilohbloo!

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