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How could Lucas and Mark ride horses into their ranch house area, right past a white stallion, and not even notice it until they dismount and turn around to go into the house that it is tied up at? Thanks Greg Merrill!

 The picture on the left is Lucas & Mark getting ready to leave the ranch. The picture on the right is when they are riding away from the ranch. Thanks Renewed Fan!


The scene where he and Pa are coming out of the House, head to the horses and talk about having to go move the cattle because 3 - 4 fence posts appear to have rotted off. Anonyomus

Mark forgot to take his wallet out of his right rear pocket before filming started?
Look at Mark's back right pocket, I swear he's got his wallet in there. Thanks Deanne!

The footage of the bottles being shot off the tree trunk during Lucas’ and Jeremy Pennebroke’s shooting (The Sporting Chance) exhibition was later used in Mark’s Rifle and The Guest. Thanks Ann Marie!

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