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Guilty Conscience episode #137 - 7 of 7 pages

Twice the Paul Fix! Yeah!!!!! Paul Fix played two characters in this episode of Guilty Conscience: Marshal Micah Torrance and Norman. Norman is the long-lost husband of Leota Carreway/Walt Hacklock Alias Wilbur Dickey, Dick Hickey, Major Rantoul, and 'Charming Billy' Carreway.

I was curious about something..... Normie was a wanted man. So why didn't Micah take him in? That would have solved Micah's problems.

He was wanted for arson, vagrancy, wife desertion and vilifying a Federal Judge. Maybe not all of these charges would stick, but you'd think arson and vilifying a Federal Judge would be in contempt.

If you look at the poster they spelled villifying / vilifying wrong. Also he must not be worth capturing because there was no reward money offered, which Lucas could have claimed. Cowgirl!

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