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I've noticed in several episodes that Lucas keeps his rifle just inside the front door of the house, to the right. He and Mark, of course, sleep in a back room.
Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the rifle in the bedroom? Someone could probably just open the front door and take the rifle. Thanks NorthRidge!

Remember in The Assailants, Lucas & Mark didn't care for Lou's apple pie. She must have been experimenting, trying to get it right. And who would be the best person to test any apple pie, but Mark? Cowgirl!

 Everybody liked Lou's dress. Mark, Lucas and Vantine. Vantine liked it more then the others, he mentioned it twice. Cowgirl!

Mark is in room #5. When Lucas asked for the key Lou says there is no lock on the door! Why would there be no lock on the door to the hotel room? Cowgirl!

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