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When Gorgo first "died" he was holding the rifle in his right hand and was facing right and when Lucas checked the body, the rifle was in the left hand and the fellow was facing left. Like I said, I can't see it good enough to know whether that was actually Gordo or the other bad guy but it seemed like they'd changed positions when Lucas went to check the bodies. Thanks ruskin!
(It is hard to see Gordo's rifle in the picture on the right. But if you watch the episode you can clearly see it when Lucas rolls Gordo over.) Cowgirl!

When Lucas walks up to the dead guys in the street in Gunfire...he kinda pushes Gordo over and Lon Chaney, Jr. moves his arm as he turns unlike a dead guy would. Thanks markisddg!

About 18 minutes into the Long Gun From Tucson, Mark runs past two other bad guys to go see Lucas at the Marshall's office. You can hear that the floor is fake.... I've never heard dirt thud like that when someone ran across it. It sounds more like dirt covered plywood stage floor to me.
You can hear it again later in Gunfire after the shoot out at about 54:40 minutes into the show when Lucas flicks the rifle away from the bad guy. The rifle hits the floor with quite a big thunk, again like hitting plywood under dirt on a stage. Thanks ruskin!

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