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Gun Fire episode #126 - 2 of 2 pages

Lucas picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of his shirt. 
 "Youíre supposed to wear that over your heart," said Micah. "I've got a big heart Micah."

At the end of this episode Lucas is lying on the street after being shot. The bad guys are walking away from him towards their horses. Lucas rises to his knees and shoots the bad guys. What is interesting about those scenes is this: The Flip Special appears to have jammed towards the very end. You can see the lever in a position that suggests that this is what happened. Lucas gets to his feet and walks over to the bad guys jammed rifle and all. Thanks Pete for the info!

When Micah is in the jail, he leans out the window with his double barreled shotgun and fires at the two outlaws on the hotel porch. You hear the heavier, deeper boom of the shotgun, which is very distinctive from the pistol shots. . . and there are three shotgun blasts in rapid succession, from the double-barreled shotgun. I think it is another "too many shots" blooper.
Thanks Renewed Fan!

Did you notice on Gunfire when Lucas and Micah had loaded up, when Ben Johnson said he didn't want to be deputy any longer because he had a family, after he died they loaded him onto a wagon and as wagon was leaving them the, dead man lifted his head up slightly just as they were pulling away.  Anonymous!

Another chapter to the ice cream debacle! Mark tells Lucas that he doesn't want to spoil his appetite by eating dinner in the hotel before he goes to the birthday party. Mark: "They'll have cake and cookies, things like that, and they're even going to have some of that new stuff, ice cream!" Thanks Ann Marie! 

When Lucas and Micah went looking for Ben, how come the scene in the alley didnít get brighter as Lucas walked in with the lantern? Also, when it was shot out, the alley should have gotten darker, instead of staying the same light level the entire time. Thanks Ann Marie!

Preston Price was the stagecoach driver. Lucas called him Preston, but the credits say: Preston Price as Joe ~ This is the only thing I could find on this cowboy. Cowgirl!

Lucas worn the deputies badge on his right side of his shirt in both of these episodes - 'The Man from Salinas' and in 'Gun Fire'. In 'Gun Fire'.....he picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of my shirt. "Youíre suppose to wear that over your heart," said Micah. "I've got a big heart Micah". Cowgirl!

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