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The Hawk episode #29 - 3 of 6 pages

In 'The Hawk' Walt Hake/Reed Young made Mark a rattlesnake hatband and Mark couldn't wait to show it off to his friends. In the next episode was Three Legged Terror the rattlesnake hatband is gone. Thanks Bob!

Mark's Torn Hat photo album
Seasons 1 through 5 and then there is an album with all season combined.

Enjoy!  This is a promo called High Hats for download, it is a 7 x 9 promo
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When Lucas and Mark are letting the Hawk go you can hear the sound of an airplane flying overhead and also if you look close enough you can see the line (wire) the Hawk is connected to just before Lucas is going to let the Hawk go. What do you think?  Thanks Susan!

Did you see the look on Micah's face when Lucas tells him that he thinks Walt Hake/Reed Young has been at his place the past three day?

Don't cha' just love the way Mark climbs on his horse younger days? 
I love the part where Mark is yelling in Walt's face to stop beating Flack or he'd kill Flack and then the next moment when he tells Lucas & Micah....."Well, it was self defense Pa.....he was going to kill Walt" a totally different tone.  So calm. 
This is one of my favorite episodes.  I could watch that part where Mark is yelling at Walt to let Flack go, that he was killing him over and over again.  In fact I have.  That Johnny sure was a great little actor, wasn't he?

In Eight Hours to Die Mark was saved by Judge Zephaniah Burton from getting bit by a rattler. In The Hawk he was again saved from being bitten by a rattler, but by Walt Hake.

In McCain's house the character "Flack" gets in a fight, but it ain't him. Thanks Rob!

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