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The Hawk episode #29 - 4 of 6 pages

In a close up, as Lucas is telling Walt that he isnít really free, Lucas puts his hand up to separate the doorís window curtains. When they go back to the wide shot, Lucasí arm is by his side, and heís standing farther away from the door. Thanks Ann Marie!

I don't know about you, but if you look at the picture on the left, it looks like there is no glass in the window to the door. It looks like Lucas' fingers are through the window. Cowgirl!

Mark isnít riding Blueboy aka usually Bosco in this episode. Look how big the white spot is on the horseís forehead. Also, this horse is darker so the mane and the horseís coat just about match, like Lucasí horse Razor. Thanks Ann Marie!

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