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As Heller and her brother go into their barn(?) with the stolen pistol, it looks like they are crossing wet ground outside, with some puddles of standing water. It is a neat detail of authenticity to include, even if it is only visible for a second or two.
Question that come to my mind: How many times in the five years of the Rifleman was it actually shown as raining?
Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark told Lucas that he had seen Mr. Heller at the Last Chance Saloon. When Lucas was in town the saloon across the street was named North Fork Saloon.

The Last Chance Saloon aka The North Fork Saloon When the show originally aired it was call The Last Chance Saloon.....I would say it was a slip of the tongue, which makes that a blooper!

Sweeney & The Last Chance Saloon came to North Fork in The Marshal episode #4. Cowgirl!

I just got through watching the Heller episode and noticed a short shot of a wagon in the garden at Heller's house. It has "Budd" wheels on it, the "Budd Wheel Co." was formed in 1912. The "Budd" wheel is a stamped steel disc wheel, common on cars and trucks up till the present. Thanks Boneyard!

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