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These 3 picture were taken of the area of where the ranch sat in Home Ranch.
The area does not look anything like the area we are familiar with. I don't remember seeing all those building and trees that close to the ranch after the fire. Cowgirl!

Both of these pictures are from Home Ranch ― The picture to the left is when Billy Lehigh shot holes in the window.  Notice the door is open.  The picture on the right is when he was getting ready to set fire to the house.  Notice the door is closed.  Cowgirl!

In Sam Peckinpah's book -  If They Move . . . Kill 'Em!: The Life and Times of Sam Peckinpah by David Weddle talks about Sam Peckinpah's family ranch was The Dunlap Ranch.  Several different sections on some very interesting things about The Rifleman.

Home Ranch stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who did Sam Montgomery really drag through the field?
Since it wasn't Lucas who got hit in the tummy, who was it?

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