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While Lucas is unpacking in front of his and Mark’s new home, Billy says, “It’s Oat Jackford’s outfit. Maybe you’ve heard of him,” and Lucas says, “As a matter of fact I have,” Lucas pulls out a frying pan from the buckboard. Lucas says, “I thought your grass was in Arizona Territory.” He sets it to the side with his right hand. Then Sam says, “It is. Arizona, New Mexico and a good section of Nevada, too. You see Mr. Jackford had sort of a working arrangement…” When the shot switches back to Lucas, watch carefully. Lucas has got the frying pan again, and sets it off to his right a second time.  Thanks Ann Marie!

This photo on the top shows all the windows broken to the same degree, i.e., one bullet hole through them. But look on the bottom, just a few seconds later. The top left window looks like it’s completely knocked out—and the top right one has much more of the glass missing than the six below it. Also, the wagon has moved to the right in the photo on the right—to where it’s almost out of the frame—and the edge of the picket fence has moved into the frame. Thanks Ann Marie!

Home Ranch — stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who did Sam Montgomery really drag through the field?
Since it wasn't Lucas who got hit in the tummy, who was it?

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