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Honest Abe episode #118 - 2 of 4 pages

When Mark holds a gun on Yordy, you can see into 4 (?) cylinders and see it is not loaded. Abe tells Mark it is not loaded, and Mark puts it down. Later, Abe tells Mark it really was loaded - and is shown taking bullets out of the cylinder!
Thanks Renewed Fan!

I noticed that when Abe, Emma, Lucas and Mark are sitting around the table, Emma serves Abe the same piece of cake twice.  Once when the camera looks in through the window and then after the sun is shown. Thanks Sally!

Look real close, you can see when Lucas, Mark and Able are sitting around the table (at Lucas' ranch house) that the top edge of Abe's false beard can be seen coming of his check a little. Thanks Greg Merrill!

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