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 When Mark drops the gun in the dirt after Abe tells him it's just a souvenir gun it is right near his foot. After Lucas enters and that guy walks away Abe goes to pick up the gun in the dirt and it's way over by the barn door. Did Mark kick it? Thanks Markisddg!

I watched Mark's and his feet the whole time. I did not see him move out of the doorway. I didn't see any kind of activity that Mark would have kicked the gun. Cowgirl!

At the end of the episode, Lucas explains to Mark why its good to sometimes not tell the truth to someone, in order to spare their feelings. He gives the example of how Mark's grandmother (whom Mark remembers from his early childhood) was 88 years old and losing her eyesight etc., and was unable to do things the way she could when she was young. Mark's grandmother would clean the house, and instead of telling her she was doing a poor job, Lucas and his wife would clean up after her, thus sparing her feelings. Here's the problem: They don't say whether Marks' grandmother was the mother of Lucas or his wife. Lucas looks to be in his early 40's in this episode, and I assume that his wife, if living would have been around his age if not younger. If Mark's mother was still alive when the grandmother was 88, that means that Lucas would have been in his early 30's. Mark's grandmother would have had to given birth to Lucas or Mark's mother when the grandmother was in her late 50's!! Thanks Becca Blashock!

In Strange Town - “Just takes all the flavor away from the vittles.”
Mark was talking about doing dishes, and how it would spoil your meal. Just sitting down to a nice plate of hot ham & beans, and you think about dishes that is gonna have to be washed. Then... in the Mr. Lincoln episode, he delivers a Herculean blow with a splitting maul by thinking about how much he 'hates beans!' Thanks Dan!

The Wyoming Story - episode #97 part 2 — Mark is on the porch talking about the crops he'll plant, "beans are good for the market. Why... I like beans".
And in 'Honest Abe' he declares, "I HATE BEANS!" when he gives the 'heave-ho' and splits the piece of wood.
Thanks BluewindFarm!

Lucas and "Abe" left to go to town in the buckboard. How did Mark get home? Did he walk or know that Abe was going to want to go to town so rode his horse? Thanks Gloria!

Ann was Abraham Lincoln's very first serious romance. The love affair between the youthful Abraham Lincoln and the fair maiden, Ann Rutledge, is not 100% proven. For nearly 140 years historical opinion has vacillated on the veracity of this relationship. However, if the actual New Salem residents are to be believed, the validity of the affair was very real. Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as some professional historians, never believed one word of it. Cowgirl!

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