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Horse Head Hitch Ornament

You can see a Horse Head Hitch Ornament ―In The MarshalThe JailbirdThe Silent Knife The Young Englishman. But I haven't see this ornament in any other episodes or even in the same area.  Have you? Cowgirl!

The Jailbird ― on the left Lucas is standing where the Horse Head Hitch Ornament should be and the saddle and stand are in front, but on the right side you can see it clearly in front of the counter and they have moved the saddle and stand. Cowgirl!

Here you can see the Horse Head Hitch Ornament in front of the Ashford Ranch. On the right you can see Lucas tying Razor to the Horse Head Hitch Ornament.

I seem to remember this ornament right as Lucas and Mark enter the man's house in The Young Englishman.
Thanks Greg Merrill!

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