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The Dunlap Ranch / The McCain Ranch / The Russell Ranch / The Bullock Ranch?????

Mr. Russell, and Mr. Bullock were living in Lucas' original ranch house from episodes #1 and #2.

Notice how the porch is shorter on Mr. Russellís house. It might have been cut off.

Hostage to Fortune is a much later episode so there could have been some changes made to the porch later.

Mr. Russellís house is the old Dunlap house from The SharpshooterHome Ranch. But the porch to Mr. Bullock the porch area is different as far as the opening to the house. The picture of Mark arriving at the Bullock Ranch could even be the side of The McCain Ranch.

At the end of The Sixteenth Cousin, Mark tells Lucas he is going for his jujitsu lesson, but in the very next episode, Hostages to Fortune. Mark fights like a girl. What happened to his jujitsu lessons? Thanks Gloria!

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