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I Take this Woman episode #148 - 3 of 5 pages

The first time it is the center candle that is crooked.

The second time, that center one is still crooked when Lou confronts Dennis in the hotelís bar about all the tabs heís run up in town. Then watch after he grabs the hotelís bartender and puts him in a headlock. They mustíve bumped into the barís counter and knocked the second one from the right. Or itís the 4th one from the left if you start at the left and count left to right. Look to the right of Louís nose in the second picture. You see that it is leaning onto the far right candle.

If you pay attention to the candles in the candelabra at the end of the counter in the hotelís bar, you will notice that different ones are crooked in different scenes.

The last time they are crooked is the next sceneóright before Lucas comes in and he and Lou have their heated discussion about whether she has to marry Dennis. Notice that the two on the leftóthat are to the left of the paintingís frame behind the candelabra look very crooked. Especially when one is placed in view of the very straight trim behind it. Thanks Ann Marie!

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