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While Lucas and Mark are eating dinner, discussing whether Lou still had an obligation to marry Dennis or not, watch the bedroom door in the background. During the camera shot while you can see the edge of the window—the bedroom door is closed. When you can’t see the window anymore, the bedroom door is open. Look during the close ups of Mark to compare. Thanks Ann Marie!

Why that looks like an apple pie Mark is getting ready to cut!

In these two episodes we see the McCain's kitchen table right by the window. The table & chairs usually sets in the middle of the room. But in these two episodes the McCain's have company, and for some reason they set in front of the window. Also in both of these scenes you can see the kitchen table in the background.

This is usually where Lucas's chair & lamp sets. Look in the background of both pictures you can see their table & chairs. Did you take a look at the hutch also in the background? They are both different. The hutch on the left is bigger & no curtains. It also looks like the wall fixtures are also different along with the stuff in the hutches. Cowgirl!

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