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The Illustrator episode #88 - 1 of 7 pages

When Travis is waiting for the stage at the beginning and is lighting the match on his boot - He strikes twice and it doesn't light, then the third time you see a great big explosion of smoke...
Thanks Michelle!

On the wall in the saloon, there is a picture painted by Charles Russell titled "The Herd Quitter." The picture is of a steer and 3 guys on horses trying to rope it. This picture was not actually painted until 1897. As the time in the Rifleman is the early 1880's, this picture hanging on the wall was a blunder. I have been cross stitching this picture and noticed it right away.
Thanks Gloria Fortner!

I noticed in this one is the guy paints a scene in the entire jail and after this episode it was never seen again.  What, didn't Micah like it and paint over it or something? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Lonesome Bride episode #108 ― Notice the picture behind the bar in the saloon. Cowgirl!

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