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The Indian episode #21 - 2 of 6 pages

In The Indian we see a much younger Mark and Lucas are shown riding away from the ranch and in different clothes. Thanks Renewed Fan!

The Guest A couple of minutes into the episode, Mark and Lucas ride away from the ranch - it is obviously a MUCH younger Johnny Crawford with a different shirt.  Thanks Renewed Fan!

Major blooper in my opinion...I guess they can get away with it when they use stock footage from the back of Lucas riding along or something, but if you watch when Lucas rides down to where Buckhart is talking to the chief, it shows Lucas from the front and he has on a vest!!!!!  It shows a close up picture of it (I'm thinking it was from The Gaucho)  This is pretty major in my book - what was their reason???  It immediately showed him from the back after that with his regular shirt on... 
Thanks Michelle Palmer!

We ended up have three different pictures here for this scene. Thanks Michelle & Renewed Fan!

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