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The Indian episode #21- 4 of 6 pages

 When Lucas leave town he is wearing a corduroy shirt. When is riding into the Apache camp, there is a close up shot of him wearing a vest, but in the wide shots he has the corduroy shirt on. Since he is oriented in the opposite direction, I donít know if this is footage from The Gaucho. But it could be. It could be other stock footage from The Gaucho, but itís obviously not the same piece they used again in Shivaree. Thanks Ann Marie!

(right photo) As Lucas watches Sam Buckhart talk to Hostay, Lucasí top closure of the corduroy shirt is not fastened.  
Thanks Ann Marie!

Matching belt buckles ó After fixing Willís leg, Lucas and Mark go outside. You can see they have matching belt buckles! So cute! They also wore matching buckles in a few other episodes..... The Marshal ― The Pet ― The Sheridan Story ― The Retired Gun ― Shivaree ― The Dead Eyed Kid ― The Indian and The Boarding House you can see the matching buckles. Thanks Ann Marie!

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