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The Indian episode #21- 5 of 6 pages

Mark isn’t riding Blueboy, but it appears that Eddie Little Sky is riding Blueboy—with one notable difference: feathers tied to the front portion of Blueboy’s mane.

After Sam picks up his hat that had been shot off his head, I don’t see a bullet hole. (In The Marshall, we did see a bullet hole in Lloyd’s hat. Lloyd had actually shot it himself but said the Sheltons did it.)

Towards the end, Sam shoots Tub and Gorman, wounding them. I have a couple of questions. Both Tub and Sam pointed their guns at Sam—so why did he just take Gorman into custody? Also, Gorman got shot in the stomach—and yet no one summons the doctor. Initially, Sam wasn’t even going to take Gorman. Not until Slade said that he wouldn’t have started the fire without Gorman. Then when Gorman walks with Sam, he doesn’t hold his stomach anymore. So it wasn’t actually that bad of a wound?
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