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The Indian episode #21- 6 of 6 pages

When Sweeney offer Sam Buckhart the Indian herb tea in the saloon, it has the cap on it. Then before Buckhart says, “That’ll do fine,” the cap’s already off! The cap should have stayed on until Buckhart said he wanted it. No one else had asked for it. Thanks Ann Marie!

After they leave the saloon Sam refers to Lucas as McCain. I did not see Lucas tell Sam his name earlier when they met on the range. After Sam confronts the Indian tribe and Lucas rides up, Sam calls him McCain again and then calls him Lucas.
Thanks wildwest!

Just a comment…in the final scene when Mark is trying to smoke the piece pipe you can see a kerosene light hanging from the ceiling over the kitchen door. It is hanging so high I doubt Lucas could light it from the floor and it’s high placement doesn’t seem practical for a ranch house. I have noticed this and wondered about this light in many episodes. (I am sure it provides good stage lighting in that dark corner) Thanks wildwest!

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