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The Jealous Man episode #136 - 2 of 2 pages

After Lucas calls Owen a fool, Lucas puts his rifle in the buckboard. The next time you see Lucas he has his rifle in his hand and again puts his rifle in the buckboard. Thanks Pete!

*hmmmmm.....Mrs. Pritchard is the school teacher in this episode. You never see her but Lucas does mention her. Wonder what happen to Miss Adams?

 Mark is quite the little inventor isn't he? Which did Mark like to do, wash or dry? He comes up with some pretty good ideas. This one ― "Suppose you had a box.....I mean a box that didn't leak water and you put the dirty dishes in it." "The rest would be'd just tie the soapy water box on the back of a horse and jog him around the house a few times." And what about the one using a windmill to agitate a box with soap? Pretty good stuff.....huh? How about his idea to eat only sandwiches so that the bread can act as a plate? Can you think of anymore ways Mark tried to get out of the dishes?

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