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That morning before breakfast Lucas told Mark he saw Milly yesterday and ordered his watch.
While eating breakfast Lt. Vaughn knocks on the door looking for William Trader aka Will Temple. Milly had sent a package along with the Lt. for Mark, which was his watch. Boy that was a fast delivery! Milly must have ordered it for overnight delivery. Did they have that back then, I think not! Cowgirl!

This scene is near the end where Carney confronts Temple about his brothers, after the Cheyenne were done with them. Lucas rides in and jumped off his horse and grabs his rifle. You can see the rein fail to the ground in the video.

Watch Razor - the first picture you see Razor right after Lucas got off of Razor, the second picture you see Razor looking to our left. He does this twice. I think someone is trying to get his attention to get him out of the way. It looks like someone could be pulling on the reins. The Next picture Razor is gone before the shootout. Cowgirl!

If Lucas hadn't dropped the rein, I bet Razor would have walked off without a hitch.  But with the rein dropped, he was ground tied and didn't move. Thanks Deanne aka BluewindFarm!

You might need to watch the video to really see what I am talking about. What say you?

Right at the beginning, when Lucas and Mark are chasing down the calf, it sure doesn’t look like Mark is riding Blue Boy.
Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas sure let Mark take the job for Will Temple without much discussion. You’d think Lucas would object more to Mark working for a stranger — albeit a new neighbor—than working in town for Nils in First Wages. Nils was a good friend of Lucas’ too! Thanks Ann Marie!

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