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The Journey Back episode #115 - 2 of 2 pages

Aha! More stock footage! The picture on the left is stock footage from The Surveyors ó Mescalero Curse and later in The Journey Back.

The picture above may not be stock footage. But if this EXACT frame in The Journey Back wasnít first seen in Eight Hours To Die, you can tell it was definitely originally shot for Eight Hours To Die. Everything is EXACTLY the same as that little part in Eight Hours To Die. The for sure giveaway that this wasnít shot for The Journey Back ó his sideburns. They werenít that long by Season 4. They were only that long in Season 1. In Eight Hours To Die, the footage of Lucas from this angle was really really fast. I was thinking this piece in The Journey Back came from the shot of Lucas right after the Judge shoots and Mark falls by the stone spring in Eight Hours To Die. Thanks Ann Marie!

It might be the same kind of thing that I noticed in The Indian: Where they had footage left over from another episode. Since they didnít use it in the show it was intended for, they used it for a later episode. And thereís something obvious about it (or at least itís obvious to me) that it was intended for a different episode. In this case with The Journey Back, a MUCH later episode. Thanks Ann Marie!

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