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Lariat episode #67

The Visitor and Lariat: Lucas (and Micah in The Visitor) drank beer out of goblets instead of steins. Doesn’t that seem a little weird? In Lariat, since business was booming, maybe they ran out of steins!
For some reason, just in these two Season 2 episodes, they drank beer out of goblets. I had never seen this before. I had always seen on screen and in real life—people drink beer out of mugs/steins or tankards. Not goblets. Thanks Ann Marie!

At the very end, when Lucas does the card trick, if you watch in slow-motion, he has the card attached to the back of his hand (with a rubber band?) and rapidly closes his fist - the motion causes the card to whip around into his hand, making it appear that the card materialized. Thanks Renewed Fan!

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