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Letter of the Law episode #50 - 1 of 2 pages

This is the scene where Harris tells Micah to make a run for the boulders. The two men turned and saw Micah escaping. Davis (John Goddard), shoots hitting Micah in the shoulder.

The picture on the left is when Micah was shot in the shoulder. The one on the right is after the shot and Micah had fallen to the ground. He then gets up and runs to the boulders. Cowgirl!

Is this Micah's undies we see here?  Cowgirl!

Mark asks what letter of the law means: The Letter of the Law is the strict word-for-word content & meaning of a law (or contract), no more & no less that what is specified in the text. To conform to the letter of the law is to follow the law exactly as it is written.

Lucas kills Vic Morrow twice - the first time in The Angry Gun and the second time in The Letter of the Law! Guess he really wanted him to stay dead!! Cowgirl!

Look at the difference in the Gunsmith's building & signs in The Letter of the Law Mail Order Groom Long Gun from Tucson. Cowgirl!

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