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When Kelly picked up Chavre, throws him over his shoulder and took him to Micah's office. I may have missed it but I don't think there was an edit and if there wasn't one, the actor who played Kelly did it. THAT would have been a move!
Thanks Redneckwoman!

Micah's office looks different from what we are use to seeing. Notice the background of the office & the doorway and what about those stands & the one with the smellin' salts on it. Never saw this stuff before, it came in pretty handy. Cowgirl!

At the end when she's headed home and boarding the stage with Kelly she obviously has enough money for her ride home. Thanks Markisddg!

Maybe the same admirer paid her fair as the ladies in The Boarding House. (teasin') Cowgirl!

How did the brothers get the mail from the matrimonial bureau if it was addressed to Lucas and Milly was the postmistress? Did they have the mail sent to another town so they could pick it up? That is never explained and is an obvious blunder.
Thanks Gloria Fortner!

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