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As the grandson runs around the corner of the McCain house you can see his SHADOW against the "hills" in the background. Also, as Lucas leaves to go to the boy's grandfather, you can see the shadow of a boom mike against the McCain house.
Thanks Rob!

I received an e-mail from a Rifleman fan and thought ya'll might be interested in it.....Hi Margie, your site is really great. It stands as a loving tribute to a show and a time I'll never forget. There's a bit of music I can't seem to find anywhere!! It's a waltz that's sometimes played as an intro or outro to the show. You can hear it at the end of The Long Goodbye, and also at the beginning of the episode that has Mark Twain in it. Oddly enough this same piece of music was also used as the theme for the Yancy Derringer show. I'm not sure which show used it first but I'm guessing that composers must have been hard to come by in that era : )

I've attached a sound byte that I found on the web, but the sound quality is not the greatest. Thanks, Kevin!
Yancy Derringer

I forwarded Kevin's e-mail to John Gilbert, Herschel's son and here is his answer.....Interesting that you mention Yancy Derringer. I haven't heard anything about that show in years. I wasn't aware that the music was used for this show. Knowing this however, I'm assuming that it was a FOUR STAR production since my father was music director there and occasionally recycled his film scores for other purposes. Others also did this with music from OPEN SECRET, which was used in dozens if not hundreds of episodes of SUPERMAN, RAWHIDE, TARZAN and even LEAVE IT TO BEAVER in the early 1950s.  The piece of music you are referring to came from the 1956 film called THE NAKED HILLS (aka THE FOUR SEASONS) with David Wayne, James Barton, and Keenan Wynn. My father composed the score for this film and used its music extensively in numerous Rifleman episodes. You can sometimes find it on EBay or in a video store that specializes in old movies. My father mined his film scores for cues to use in the Rifleman and I have heard cues from perhaps a dozen or so films interspersed occasionally into Rifleman episodes for a particular effect. I hope this helps.
Best regards, John Gilbert

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Thanks Kevin Gallagher & John Gilbert for this great question and piece of information!

How about Mark on those stilts? Looks like he did his own stunt.....whatcha' think?

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